Appreciation, Trust, and Clarity in Communication are the basis for effective leadership, in distributed organisations as well.

Leadership and cooperation across location, country, and cultural boundaries are daily business in corporations.

  • In globally distributed organizations, management and teams are locatedin different places
  • Headquarter and regional organizations are closely interlinked
  • Projects utilize competences ditributed around the world
  • Cooperating with partners and suppliers are common business 

While the situations look different at first glance, they share common challenges:

  • Cooperation between persons who never or rarely meet in person
  • Few communication channels
  • Indirect and delayed feedback
  • Differences in experience and expectations are not obvious
  • Cultural differences (country culture, corporate culture, location culture)

In our training, open workshops, and coaching we provide a practice ground to explore methods and experience their impact. We explore solutions for real and current issues, utilizing proven best practices and our rich experience.